January 7, 2012


Goodbye my friend,
Goodbye for now,
The year has come to an end,
As we take a bow.

We may meet again next year,
While time passes by,
Missing friends so dear,
To our teacher, we say goodbye.

Nothing is loss,
But much to gain,
Forgive the flaws,
Look ahead to meeting again.

Such a wonderful year,
When we study together,
And with a wonderful teacher,
We  have achieved success without fear.

We had good times,
In class we worked hard,
And teachers never fail to remind,
"Face your future with an open heart."

Of you my friends,
I have only good memories,
Waving farewell as the year ends, 
We shall move on with our studies.

With vision so clear,
Here I pen a full stop,
Forget me never, 
Forget me not